The Revenue Integrity Protection Service (RIPS) is the anti-corruption arm of the Department of Finance created by Executive Order 259 (December 17, 2003). Pursuant to EO 259, RIPS is empowered to investigates allegations of corruption in the Department of Finance and its attached agencies such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs, the Bureau of Local Government Finance, Bureau of Treasury, Central Board of Assessment Appeals, the Insurance Commission, the National Tax Research Center, the Fiscal Incentives Review Board, and the Privatization and Management Office. RIPS then files the necessary charges against erring officials and employees with the proper government agencies (e.g., Office of the Ombudsman).

For a corruption free goverment, citizens are encouraged to actively participate in eradicating corruption in Government.

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How Rips Works?

Gather information from all sources

1RIPS gather information from a variety of sources about actual or suspected corruption.

Determine and Validate the information

2RIPS works to eradicate corruption in the DOF.  It may investigate or act upon complaints filed by any citizen.

Analyze, Assess and Investigate the case

3All information is analyzed to help RIPS understand the nature and scope of actual and potential corruption within DOF.

Review and Recommend to proper channels

4After Investigation, RIPS draws up and files the necessary complaints with the proper government agencies.