Principles of RIPS


 Integrity should permeate every aspect of the service from the selection and hiring of people, its business process, conduct of operations, to the performance of its leadership
 Transparency should characterize every transaction carried in behalf of the organization, whether with internal or external stakeholders.It should be exhibited in the manner in which the organization records its operations and conduct, relates with its different publics, and performs its mandate as an institution of public trust.
 RIPS personnel appreciate and respect information that they receive or gather and exercise prudence in handling them.Disclosure of the identity of the informants will be done only with the express consent of said informants.
 Every member of the service should be prepared to demonstrate accountability.This accountability covers the use of resources, including information about persons/entities being investigated, targets and commitments, and performance of its mandate. Appropriate performance evaluation systems will be established within RIPS.